Start Your Window & Door Replacement Project

Whether you’re staying indoors or finally stepping back outside, you may be wondering if now is the right time to tackle those overdue repair and remodeling projects. So when is a good time to start your window and door replacement project? Experts with Windowfits, a California and Nevada window and door replacement company for over 15 years, say now is the perfect time to get started on¬†exterior home remodeling projects.

Local family-owned and operated company remains in full operation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Considered an essential business in most regions, remodeling projects, like installing replacement windows, typically begin several weeks after the initial consultation since it takes time to order the products.

If you are concerned about having a window specialist come to your home, give us a call first. We would be able to provide you with a good understanding of what we can accomplish for you. If you would rather talk with a window expert and are comfortable with an in-home consultation, you can invite a design consultant to visit your house.

A Windowfits team member doesn’t need to come to your home until after you have decided to let someone come and take professional measurements.

So which projects homeowners should start right now?

Now is a great time to tackle an exterior remodeling project: entry doors, patio doors, garage doors, new windows – these are great projects to do now because the work is mainly done from the exterior with minimal interior work. This means then that we can keep you and your family as safe as possible while following social distancing guidelines. You can save projects that require extensive work inside your home for later, like remodeling your kitchen or a bathroom, instead focus on exterior home projects which you can do safely with the help of Windowfits with minimal interior work.

Why Windowfits?

Windowfits has been there for its consumers first and foremost for the last 15 years. We are going to come out the back end of this crisis still being there, serving our customers with their safety and well-being taken first and foremost into account.

At the end of the day at Windowfits, we pride ourselves on our installation methods and our high standards in curating quality products. We look for the best materials and windows and doors produced by manufacturers that meet our high standards in framing materials, glass, security, and transferrable and inclusive manufacturer warranties. We improve homes, change lives, and assure you it’s possible, safe, and easy to give your home a fresh new look while you’re stuck inside.

Get started on your window & door replacement project today and contact us to get a free quote today.