Dog walking through pet door on patio door

Have you ever considered getting your furry friend a pet door? Many pet owners have many concerns that prevent them from installing a pet door, such as compromised security. However, today’s latest pet doors offer superior security benefits that do not put your home at risk for any type of intrusion. They can also be locked for the times you want to keep your pet inside. In today’s blog, we will be highlighting the top 3 benefits of having pet doors on your patio door.

Benefits of Pet Doors on Patio Doors

When people think about patio doors, they usually envision a pet entry in the front door. While this is what we usually see in movies, pet doors people mostly use are actually on their patio doors. These doors provide dogs and cats the freedom to come and go as they please—but that’s not all. The top 3 benefits of having a pet door installed on your patio door include:

1. Pet Health

Installing a pet door on your patio doors will really help with the overall health of your pet. Aside from enabling them to get out and be more active, it will give them the ability to use the restroom more often. It’s not safe for pets to refrain from urinating. However, with a pet door installed on your patio door, your pet can easily walk out to the yard to take care of its business.

As previously mentioned, a pet door will allow your pet to explore the outdoors—which will help keep their minds more stimulated and alert. Pets often don’t get the amount of exercise they need locked up at home all day, so providing them with a pet door will get them more active and healthier.

Dog wants to go outside - Top 3 Benefits of Pet Doors on Patio Doors

2. Energy Efficiency

Many pet owners hesitate to install a pet door since they want to avoid energy loss and increased heating and cooling bills. However, with WindowFits, that’s not a problem. Our pet doors have a heavy-duty frame and durable flap with a magnetic seal and weatherstrip to keep the elements out. When the pet door is closed, it will keep the home insulated, so you don’t have to worry about having your HVAC air escape through the pet door.

3. Convenience

Have you ever come home after a long day of work exhausted, only to have your energetic pet begging you to let them outside? If you don’t want to become a doorman for your pet, but you want to continue to save the condition of your flooring, an easy way to relieve the hassle is by installing a pet door on your patio door. These small entryways/exits not only alleviate you from responsibilities, but they also make life more comfortable for your furry friends. Since they can enter/exit the house at their convenience, you will no longer have to deal with scratched-up doors, incessant barking, or over-energized pets. Plus, your pets will no longer have to hold it while waiting for you to come let them out or howl for you to let them back inside the house. There’s nothing more convenient for a pet owner than having a pet door on their patio door.

Install a Pet Door Today!

When it comes to happy, healthy pets, there’s nothing more beneficial than having a pet door installed on your patio door. It will give your pet freedom and keep them healthier while keeping your home energy efficient. We hope this blog helped you see the top 3 benefits of having pet doors on your patio door. If you want to give your pet the freedom they deserve with a pet door, contact WindowFits today! Our professional team is more than happy to install an in-glass pet door for your furry friend! Give us a call at 951-677-2593, or click here for a quote!