How Long Does House Window Installation Take?

Part of getting a new window is having it installed at your home. And while you may want the project completed as fast as possible, there are a variety of factors to consider. Fortunately, with WindowFits, we’ll ensure a smooth and efficient installation process. Some factors that influence how long a house window installation may take include:

House Window Size

This first factor may seem obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning that the bigger the window, the longer it may take to install. Additionally, depending on how large the house window is, a larger crew may be required for installation.

Number of House Windows Being Installed

This one is also pretty clear because the more windows you’re getting installed in your house, the longer it will take the crews to complete the window installation project. This is also assuming that your installer(s) are thorough and take their time to ensure the best results possible.

Exterior And/or Interior Obstructions and Obstacles

From exterior obstructions like trees, shrubs, and delicate landscaping to indoor obstacles like large furniture that can get in the way of the window installation job, these factors can influence how long a house window installation takes. If the window installation crew has to work around anything, you can expect the project to take slightly longer.

How High the House Window Is

Naturally, ground-level installations are quicker than higher ground ones. Hauling windows and people to upper levels take more energy, effort, and time.

Weather on the Window Installation Day

Weather plays a big role in window installation. This is because the safety of the installation crew is always a significant priority. Inclement weather like rain, extreme heat, or snow can drag out the window installation process. If possible, try and schedule your house window installation during calmer weather months.

The Expertise of Your Window Installation Contractor

The quality of the window material and the professionalism of your window installer play a big part in how fast or slow a window installation is. The more experienced your contractor is and the higher quality your new house windows are, the more likely the job will get done efficiently and last for many years to come.

The Best Windows Come From WindowFits

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Our house window installers are thoroughly trained to install the windows professionally and efficiently. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members. We look forward to enhancing your home!