Did you know 25 percent of your energy costs can be due to your windows? That’s why many homeowners are starting to invest in replacing their old drafty windows.

If you’re thinking about getting window replacements, you’re probably wondering what kind of window glass you should get. In this blog, we’ll tell you the difference between clear glass vs. high-performance Low-E glass!

So what is “Low-E” glass? 

The term “Low-E” is short for “low emissivity.” It is specifically built to reflect heat from getting into your home, while still allowing the light to enter. Clear glass, on the other hand, doesn’t. Instead, it absorbs tons of heat energy from the sun and keeps it inside your home, which is why your house might be hard to keep cool.

Not only is Low-E glass windows more financially beneficial compared to clear glass windows, but they also have a better payback, making them more cost-efficient.

You’re probably thinking, “Great, it keeps out the heat, but what about the cold?” Low-E glass windows do both! In fact, they are great during the scorching summer months and cold winter months. They work to keep you comfortable in your home year-round!

Do you have plants inside your home? That is one thing some homeowners worry about when considering Low-E glass. But don’t worry, as we mentioned earlier Low-E glass is designed to block the heat, not light.

Windowfits High-Performance Low-E Glass

At Windowfits, we only use Anlin Windows and Doors, a top manufacturer for window and door replacements. Anlin offers high-performance Low-E glass and various glazing systems designed to help keep the heat out of your home.

Since you deserve the best, we only offer and work with the best!

We hope this blog gave you a better understanding of the difference between clear glass vs. high-performance Low-E glass. For all your window replacement needs, contact us at Windowfits.