The origins of casement windows date back to the 18th century. Before its invention, homes were built with simple mullion windows. Mullion windows were primarily small stationary windows with single glass panels. Their primary purpose was to allow natural lighting in homes and not much more. Casement windows changed the window industry, enhancing window functionality. Read our latest blog to learn more about casement windows and how they changed the window industry.

Origins of Casement Windows

Casement windows were the first operational and moveable windows. Its invention dramatically changed the way we use windows. Before casement windows, homes were built with stationary windows that did not allow airflow, ventilation, or energy-efficient features. The first of its kind was constructed with glass panels set in iron frames. Their design allowed them to hang vertically securely and be hinged at the sides. Their hinging mechanism allowed them to open and close for the first time. This moveable feature was huge because it permitted air to travel in and out of the home, increasing circulation throughout it. While their overall design remains the same, technological advancements in framing and glass production allow them to maintain popularity.

Modern Casement Windows

Window Frame

When casement windows were first introduced, only a select few could get their hands on them. This was primarily due to production cost -its iron frame made it unaffordable to many. However, over time, iron became less prevalent as everyone turned to wood, vinyl, and other affordable materials. As window manufacturers began using more affordable materials, the average homeowner was finally able to get their hands on casement windows. While other window selections have been invented over the years, casement windows remain the most affordable of its kind.

Window Glass

Originally casement windows were constructed with small glass panels pieced together with came strips. This made window production extremely time-consuming and minimized visibility and light. Thankfully, by the 19th century, glass manufacturers developed a new technology that produced larger glass panels, allowing for a more streamlined manufacturing process. These larger glass panels, in turn, increased window visibility and natural lighting in homes. Today, glass production has improved even more, with manufacturers continuing to push for more amazing features such as energy efficiency.

Window Styles

While casement windows used to only come in select few styles, you can now find them in a wide variety of colors, sizes, materials, and combinations fit for any home design. And what’s more, the combinations can include mixing and matching with other window styles, allowing for a more unique and personalized design.

Casement Window Overview

Casement windows are a classic and have maintained their popularity for a reason. They are affordable, they enhance window visibility and natural lighting, are energy-efficient, and come in a wide variety of designs. At WindowFits, we carry an array of casement windows from leading window manufacturing companies with the most advanced technology. For details, reach out to one of our window experts by calling 951-677-2593 or clicking here!