7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Patio Doors

So how do you know when to think about a patio door replacement? Here are the 7 signs it’s time to replace your patio doors:

1. Cosmetic Damage

Surface damages like scrapes, chipped paint, or scratch marks, can leave your patio door looking dingy. They do not necessarily mean that you need a replacement patio door. Still, cosmetic damages like these may require a replacement if the damage is extensive or you wish to improve the door’s look. A door and window replacement contractor can let you know if the cosmetic damage can be fixed with paint or refinishing. If not, consider door replacement.

2. Difficulty Operating the Door

If your door sticks, makes loud noises when used, or does not open or close without effort, the door is probably past its prime. You may have more trouble opening and closing the door when it becomes warped due to age or damage. Determine the cause of these operating problems before replacing the door to ensure a smooth transition.

3. Drafts

Your patio door should fit snugly in its frame to keep your home climate comfortable. If the door has warped or does not have enough weatherstripping, you may notice hot or cold air pockets around it.

4. Gaps Around the Door

Sometimes, the spaces that cause drafts become large enough to see. Gaps around a sliding patio door can occur if the door tilts to one side. In addition to heat transfer issues, these gaps affect your home’s security and increase the risk of pest infestation.

5. Outdated Design

Do you still like the design of your patio door? Does the door still match the style and decor of your home and porch? If not, you may want to consider a new door that fits the aesthetic of your home.

6. Structural Damage

Major structural damage to patio doors often occurs due to impact incidents. Whatever the cause of the damage, it’s important to clean up any glass or debris and replace the door as soon as possible.

7. Water Intrusion

The seal around your patio door can lose its effectiveness over time. The door needs to be replaced if you notice high moisture levels around the door, water dripping down the wall, or puddles on your floor.

What to Consider When Replacing Your Patio Door

You don’t have to wait until the 7 signs it’s time to replace your patio doors are apparent before replacing it. Putting off a patio door replacement only leads to worse problems and more expenses. Once you’ve finally decided to invest in a door replacement, consider these tips:

  1. Choose a good material because your new door’s life and performance rely on the material.
  2. Don’t overlook customization – make sure your new patio door matches your home’s palette and style.
  3. Pick excellent hardware and locking systems to maintain your home’s safety and security.
  4. Work with a trusted door company, like WindowFits, to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

At WindowFits, we offer a wide selection of replacement patio door styles, ranging from more traditional styles like hinged and sliding to multi-panel and pet doors. When you hire us, our experienced window and door experts will work with you to choose the right fit for your home. To receive a free estimate, call us at (951) 677-2593 or click here.